We coordinate prevention against pandemic in properties receiving public

We detect sickness, communicate with managers, analyse the best actions to perform and optimize the answers
Prevention pandemic solution for properties receiving public
COVID 19 or SARS CoV 2

01. The world faces an unusual situation


While everyone feared a crisis in the nuclear war line, a climate catastrophe or similar catastrophic threats, only few imagined that a virus could paralyze our world. 


This Coronavirus COVID-19 is affecting all countries and territories around the world. A recent systematic review estimated that the proportion of truly asymptomatic cases ranges from 6% to 41%, with a pooled estimate of 16% (12%–20%)*. Variable estimates of CFR by country – from less than 0.1% to over 25%*.


Sanitary measures placed 95%* of the world population under lockdown for weeks or months, depending on the location. The baseline forecast envisions a 5.2 percent contraction in global GDP in 2020, using market exchange rate weights—the deepest global recession in decades*. The world lost nearly 400 million full-time jobs in the year’s second quarter (April-June 2020)*.


The outbreak has also provided cover for illegal activities such as deforestation of the Amazon rainforest and poaching in Africa, hindered environmental diplomacy efforts, and created economic fallout that some predict will slow investment in green energy technologies.


Suddenly, a good citizen is one who avoids public places, wears a mask and takes care of his loved ones while standing 2 meters away.

He even gave birth to a new concept for most of us; "social distancing".

02. COVID solution

We detect, communicate, analySe and optimize

An end-to-end solution to secure indoor properties, outdoor properties, transport and events. We offer an extension of this solution for each occupant or visitor to the site to allow them to communicate or receive important communications.

Temperature and oxygen level screening

Screening devices

Connected to infrared sensors, thermal cameras, other types of thermometers, oximeters, or even a virus detector, our solution raises a notification as soon as we detect a positive case.

Security guards being notified about a positive detection


The notification is sent to security officer, receptionnist, intendant, concierge, driver, if existing. They receive a temporary picture with temperature and oximeter values so they can act accordingly to their procedure.

Property managers are receiving emergencies and are analysing them

Property managers

The property manager receives all notifications on his properties panel so she / he can validate and dispatch the information to appropriate third parties like civil security, cleaning team and / or human resources.

Occupants, customers and visitors can follow updates on their own application

Occupants, customers & visitors

Everybody screened will get offered a mobile application to follow their own readings and get notified as soon as it is determined that they crossed the path of a possible or official postivie case.


Our COVID 19 solution benefits

Thus, the security guard, the property manager and all occupants and visitors can participate in the pandemic prevention effort. The security guard will be on the front line in front of incoming persons and will be able to intervene in the event of detection. We also give the property manager the management of all notifications of her / his properties in a single platform. It allows her / him to validate the information, with or without an agent, and ask third parties to take action. Finally, visitors and occupants will be part of international efforts, including Google and Apple, to mark positive individuals and maintain a safe distance from them.

Contact less

  • In an effort to pay attention to everyone's health, we strive to integrate and develop technologies that avoid contact between individuals


  • Process automation saves time, improves efficiency and prioritizes individual tasks over other essential tasks


  • In the blink of an eye, all stakeholders are informed of any potential or official positive case

Privacy secured

  • All efforts to develop the solution have prioritized the confidentiality of all users


  • Our solution can connect to several thousand types of devices, solutions or platforms thanks to its open source structure, its API and its SDK


  • In case of lack of operators, the solution can be operated independently, thanks to our emergency center

Real time notification

  • For a better event management, all notifications are delivered in real time

Automatic mask detection

  • To ensure health security, a mask wearing detection can be activated