Automate and coordinate the pandemic answer in your property

The DCAO COVID 19 screening solution

The best of the technology 

to fight a pandemic

Let''s fight the pandemic where it hurts the most of us; buildings, transport and events.

In every property, you might have somebody taking care of the people entering, like a security officer or a receptionist. Then you have somebody in charge which we will call the property manager. And finally visitors, customers, or just occupants.

For every type of stakeholder, we developed a feature that can help them connecting the solution to protect them.


Manage your property's entries

Connected to the Health check point or any screening device, this application let's you manage related devices and events from the tip of your finger.

Kiosks and properties

Secure your property entries and install one or many kiosks into one or many properties.


Get notified in real time as soon as a Health check point user is getting detected as a potential patient. The application will help your team taking care of every single case.


Receive support tickets in one place to manage your users, visitors, and maybe customers' help request.

DCAO Solutions property manager application


Easy to use

Access it and receive notifications from any device.

Web & mobile application

As any website, this application runs on the web and is compatible with Chrome, Edge, Safari, Firefox, Opera, Android and iOS. Just download it to access it in a glitch.


Agents and stakeholders are getting notified from the application, the web, an email, an SMS or a phone call from an agent.